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In today’s episode we are at the Zest Dental Solutions Warehouse in Carlsbad, CA talking to Tom Stratten, President and CEO and David Payner, Chief Strategy Officer. We are discussing the products, tools and education about implants that Zest provides.

Listen in as Tom and David talk to us about what Zest is all about, how they are helping dentists and patients alike make the right decision between dentures and implants, the pros and cons of both and how to keep the bone viable down the road.

If you want to learn more about this company or just about implants please sit back, tune us in and listen to an informative ride through Zest, its products, philosophies and how connect with Tom and David for answers to any questions you might have.


In This Episode:

[00:27] – On today’s episode we are at the Zest Dental Solutions warehouse in Carlsbad, CA.

[00:54] – Getting acquainted with Tom and David.

[03:24] – What do they want the dental community to know about Zest and Zest’s products?

[06:44] – How is Zest expanding to give dentists the products they need for success?

[10:14] – Tom talks about a staging process for dental implants and evolving the locator product.

[13:33] – How do dentist quantify the need for implants to the patient? What is Zest doing to education about implants?

[20:45] – What does the clinician need to understand about Zest products? Can we ask questions and get answers quickly?

[23:45] – David talks about the profitability of the overdenture versus the implant.

[25:42] – What is the life cycle a patient goes through with their dental work?

[28:13] – What fears do patients have about implants? What are the emotional impacts? 

[30:58] – Zest is producing products and tools to give patients and dentists options.

[33:29] – Which type of bank account is more important to your patient? The emotional, ego or financial?

[36:04] – What does the future look like for Zest Dental Solutions?

[40:45] – What is the best way to contact Zest?


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