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Whether you are fee-for-service or accept insurance, I’m certain you hear daily…

“Do you take my insurance?”

Sometimes this can be frustrating because it seems that patients are judging your office just based on whether you take their insurance or not. And guess what, they are!

Now, there are three ways you can handle this question.

The first is you can just answer the question straight away. I guarantee you, nine times out of ten, this will be a very short conversation. And even if you do take their insurance, answering the question immediately is a big mistake!

Another approach that many dental training companies will teach is not to answer the question at all, or deflect the answer (even if you know you don’t take their insurance) with a “We’ll figure out insurance when you get here for your appointment.” In other words, they are asking you to outright lie about taking a specific insurance, or avoid giving an answer. But when the patient comes into your office –  disaster strikes!

We are going to teach you a third way.

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