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What’s up, guys? Welcome to another episode of the Delivering WOW Dental Podcast. Today, I wanted to come on. I was actually inside of my practice’s Facebook account, and I noticed that there were a few changes for targeting. I’m super excited about that, and so I just wanted to jump on. For all of you guys who are running Facebook ads, are boosting posts to your practice, this is pretty exciting news.

In the past, we were actually able to target people based on their net income. You could put in someone who has a net income of $100,000, or 300,000, or half a million dollars, and that was super exciting, right? You could also target people by their home values and the amount of liquid assets that they have. A lot of you guys be like, “How does Facebook know all of that?” Well, I can tell you Facebook is super smart, super intelligent.

In fact, really interesting, and I’m sure this has happened to you as well. I was actually in a van with some volunteers when I was in Kenya when we went off to build a classroom for Delivering WOW. I was in the van with two of the local volunteers, two local Kenyans. And what do you know, just a few minutes later, all of a sudden, I’m getting requests from Facebook to actually friend them. It’s happened so many times before. Facebook is pulling data based on where we’re clicking off of Facebook. They’re also pulling data based on our geolocation, and home values, and things like that. They’re able to get that data.

So this morning, I was actually inside of the Facebook account, again, for my practice. We are just working with making sure that we’re always testing different things. Of course, now we have our Delivering WOW marketing agency. We are actually running ads for practices and also running ads for different dental coaches, and companies, and stuff like that.

But inside of the targeting, I noticed this morning is that now you can actually target again with net income. This is for US, but it allows you to be able to target people who have the upper 10% in net income for the United States, as well as targeting for people who have the upper 10 to 20% net income, and also looking at other percentages as well.

Now, what’s really interesting is that it does say top 10% in the United States. So you might be like, “Well, for dentists, I’m not trying to target people in the entire US,” meaning I don’t want everybody in the US to see my posts. But, there is actually an additional layer of filtering when you are working with Facebook that you can now use this new targeting option. Then, what you can do is you can put an additional layer filtering. This is where it gets really neat because you can actually put in your practice’s address and you can now filter that to target people who are within 10 miles of your practice or you can put on additional filters where you can target people based on a specific street that they live on. So if you are, again, trying to get more people in who are able to afford services, using these types of filters with your boost is super amazing.

Now, one thing you might be asking is, “Okay, I didn’t even know all of this was possible with Facebook. We’re just posting on our practice’s Facebook page.” And the first thing that I always teach when I train teams in our Facebook bootcamp is that you want to make sure that you’re posting essentially things that are happening behind the scenes. So you want to think about Facebook as almost like a camera that allows people to be able to see what’s happening. People are on there almost like … actually, almost like people are watching TV. They’re going through Facebook, and they’re seeing what’s happening, and so your phone or your camera is the one that’s documenting that, and Facebook being the tool to show it, kind of like if you think about a TV, right?

But what happens is that once you’re posting things, then what actually happens when you’re using Facebook as an advertising platform is that you now have the ability to run an ad to whatever you’re posting. That’s spending $10, $20 if you’re posting something. Sometimes you’ll want to spend $50 or a little bit more. Again, if it’s just something you’re posting that you want it seen for a few days versus having something that you want to be seen for a month, or maybe you’re doing a small makeover competition, you’ll put a bigger budget to that.

But typically, most posts that we do we’re spending about $20. What we do is we have the ability to choose these audiences. So again, what we work with in our Facebook boot camp and what we set up for our clients and our agency is we actually set up the targeting where you now, when whenever you boosts, you actually have a check list, like a dropdown menu, where you can say, “Okay, I want to target people who are within 10 miles of my practice who are also, for example, moms of kids who are ages 3 to 12.” So if you were wanting to talk about children’s dentistry, then that would be the audience, right? Or if you’re running ads for dental implants or cosmetic dentistry, again, you’d want to choose this audience that I’ve just spoke about this morning, this new one, which is targeting by the net income.

So again, super excited. Lots of really cool things that are happening with Facebook. There’s also a few little internal changes when you are setting up your audiences. Yesterday I noticed there were some changes when I was doing the Facebook bootcamp when you’re going to set up your website, retargeting audiences, and stuff like that. So for those of you guys who have been through bootcamp, I would encourage you to just jump back on and see what’s new and see what’s current. For those who’ve not joined Facebook bootcamp, I encourage you to get your teams in there so that we can help them to understand how to help your practice grow.

The bootcamp is just three one-hour sessions. After, that your practice should be in really good shape. That’s something that I encourage you to do. If you guys need help with Facebook and you want us to take care of everything for you, we have that ability as well. We’re super excited about our agency. We’ve been having people to ask us for years like, “Can’t you just do it for us?” We’ve actually been building a team and building content for about eight months now, so we’re super excited to be doing that now. If you want to know more, you can always go to

But again, lots of cool, exciting things happening with Delivering Wow. We’re reaching way more practices and helping way more. It’s super exciting, especially for me as a dentist, to have seen so much transformation within my own practice, how many lives have been changed when people are like, “If it wasn’t for you and what you’re doing on Facebook, I would have never had the courage to walk through the door.” So, I’m so excited to be able to help so many other practices to experience that same level of being able to help and serve people, and to be able to do more of what you love, which is the dentistry.

All right, guys, so that is it. Take care. Again, if you want to learn more about our different options for marketing, whether it’s having us train your team or actually just doing your Facebook for you, you can head on over to


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