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Does your team struggle to convert potential new patients over the phone? If you’re nodding your head, this conversation with Jonathan Karren, the Account Executive at Mango Voice Phones, will be like music to your ears!

In the episode, we talk about how you can improve call conversions to help grow your practice and fill-up your weekly schedule. Jonathan’s role at Mango Voice is to drive customer acquisition through direct sales, social media marketing and partner relationships.

If you’re not familiar with Mango Voice, they are an enterprise-grade VoIP phone system based in the cloud. With its time-saving features, they help dentists and other business owners from all over the world run their business much more efficiently.

On the podcast we discussed…

  • What Mango Voice is and how it can help you increase phone call conversions
  • How you can use phone call recordings as a coaching guide for your team
  • Using SMS to respond to missed calls and get back to patients quicker
  • Converting voicemails to emails
  • How to use Mango Voice to market your services
  • Tracking the performance of your marketing campaigns using number tracking technology

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