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What’s up everyone? It is Anissa Holmes. I am actually driving in my car. I wanted to come on and just give you guys a quick shout out. It’s actually Saturday. I had breakfast this morning with my husband. I’m actually driving to pick up my daughter. She went to watch a school soccer match. But I wanted to come on really quickly and just let you guys know what is happening with our podcast and how it’s going to allow us to serve you even more.

Many of you guys know that Delivering WOW was recently voted one of the top dental podcasts. We actually came in number three behind Nifty Thrifty and A Tale of Two Hygienists. We’ve been doing the podcast now for about three years and I really want to start actually taking you guys behind the scenes of what’s happening with Delivering WOW, what’s happening in my day, the ups, the downs, how we’re helping our coaching clients, and how we’re serving.

I hope that you like this format. We’re going to be doing a lot more podcasts, and many of them will be me driving in my car. So you just might hear a little bit of noise in the background, but I think that’s completely okay because it’s important for you to see what’s happening behind the scenes and to hear my thoughts and to be able to get further coaching from me through this medium. If that’s okay with you guys, I’m actually going to share one thing that we have been able to do which is really, really cool.

I actually had this idea to be able to give more to the practices that we are serving through this podcast and our Delivering WOW community. Many of you guys know that we have a coaching program. We have Dental Profit Academy, and of course we have our Facebook programs as well. But one thing that we have focused a lot on is really providing a lot of content inside of the dental industry. So every Monday many of you guys may not know, but we actually have an article that we release and it’s going to help you to grow your business.

Now one thing that we wanted to do was take it a little bit further, take it one step further, and actually allow you to have a printable resource that you could use for your team meetings. One of the things that we talk about in our coaching program is the importance of having weekly team meetings where you could actually focus on creating new processes or focus on improving systems or if there’s an issue with communication between team members or between what the practices see as important, and individual team leaders, letting them know what you want to focus on, how you’re going to get it done, special projects, et cetera.

What we decided to do was to create these weekly printables. What it is is every single week allowing you to be able to get a free resource. This is going to be how to run effective meetings, what numbers are most important for you to focus on, how do you conduct a morning huddle. I just wanted to make sure that you guys are getting access to this resource because we have spent a ton of time and money and budget to have our team to be able to support this one with coming up with the content which is the strategies that we teach with myself and our leadership team, but also looking at creating the graphics, getting it uploaded into our email service provider, and making sure that it gets delivered to you every single week.

If you’ve not signed up for the weekly printables, you definitely want to do that. It’s completely free, go to But again, I wanted to just make sure that all of you guys get access to that really, really great resource. While we’re speaking about resources, just sharing with you, as many of you guys know, we have this podcast which is a great resource for you. We also again have articles that we’re releasing every single week on our website which is Delivering WOW. So you want to make sure that you check that out.

If you’ve not joined our free Facebook group, you can go to We’ve almost past the 15,000 mark and what’s really interesting is we’ve got the top industry leaders, past podcast guests, they’re all inside of that group, and so it’s a great place to mastermind, as well as to get support, get questions answered by not just by me and our coaching team, but also other coaches and leaders and other rockstar dentists who are really just crushing it. So again, I want to make sure that you have access to that. is the quick URL to get in there.

Again, I really hope that you guys are going to like this new podcast format. I love if you are listening to this podcast. If you could just take a minute to go inside our free Facebook group and let us know what you think about this new format for the podcast. I’m curious to hear your thoughts. All right, guys. I will chat later. I’m actually just arriving at the school, and again, I will look forward to chatting with you soon.

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