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I’m super excited to welcome Jordon Comstock from BoomCloud onto the podcast to discuss how dental practices can set up membership plans and how to get patients to sign-up for them.

Jordon has been in the dental industry for almost 15 years, so it’s safe to assume he knows a thing or two about membership plans! He began his career managing his family’s dental lab in Salt Lake City and studied Business, Marketing, UX/UI Design at The Art Institute of Salt Lake City. During his time managing his family’s lab, he built a sales and marketing department and helped grow the lab from local clients to nationwide. He also oversaw the financial department, helping to establish systems and reporting to help the company understand the numbers.

The lab’s clients introduced the concept of an in-house membership program to Jordan, who had been an entrepreneur in the making since an early age. In fact, by that time, he founded three start-up companies. Soon, Jordon realized that dental practices needed a system to manage a membership program effectively and so, the initial design for BoomCloud was born in 2013. Jordon’s main goal is to help as many practices as he can using BoomCloud to help grow practices, create recurring revenue for them and reduce dependence with insurance companies. He genuinely cares about his team, customers, and products.

On the podcast we discussed…

  • Jordon’s journey from working as a dental lab technician to launching the first version of BoomCloud
  • What membership programs are and how they work
  • Using membership plans to regain control of your profit margin from third-party companies
  • How membership programs can benefit patients
  • How to market dental membership plans to attract and retain patients
  • Understanding that a membership program is an investment and marketing is a key component to the success of a marketing program
  • What’s included in a typical membership plan
  • Selling your plans to other businesses and leveraging B2B (business to business) marketing
  • Creating educational content to help increase patient numbers and convince other business to join your membership plan
  • Using a Direct Primary Care model and keeping insurance providers out of the equation
  • How BoomCloud can help dental practices stop relying on dental insurances and establish a profitable membership program

You can find out more about Jordon and how to implement a successful membership program in your own dental practice over on the BoomCloud website.

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