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In this episode of the Delivering WOW podcast, I tackle a question that I’ve been asked countless times – What’s the best promotion you can do to grow your Facebook page and get more likes? The solution is something that I discuss a lot in my Facebook Bootcamp, and that’s Project Smile.

Project Smile has proved time and time again to be one of the fastest ways to grow a following on Facebook. People from all over the world have tried it and voiced their disbelief and gratitude following the remarkable results that this social campaign strategy has helped them achieve. So, in this podcast episode, I dive into this further and share some of my best Facebook marketing strategies with you. So that you can build engagement online, invite new patients to your practice and most importantly – change people’s lives.

Here’s what I discussed on the podcast:

  • Why you should use the Project Smile competition to help grow your Facebook following
  • Advantages of promoting a social campaign
  • Inviting people that have shown interest in your promotion to like your Facebook page
  • How to use a Project Smile competition to engage with your local community and spread awareness
  • Advice for creating profitable targeted Facebook ads for your practice
  • How to lower your social media marketing budget without sacrificing your ROI
  • Insider knowledge of Facebook’s algorithm and how you can use it to your benefit
  • Why you should share patient stories with your followers and use it as social proof that your practice genuinely cares about changing people’s lives
  • Using Facebook Live to elevate revenue, attract new patients and establish your practice within your community
  • The power of personal stories when it comes to crafting a viral social campaign

If you enjoyed this episode and you’d like to find out more ways that you can grow your social following on Facebook, head over to my Facebook Bootcamp, where you’ll learn how to create high-converting ads and promotions on Facebook!

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