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Join me in episode 113 of the Delivering WOW podcast for my interesting discussion with Dr. Jeff Brown about making HIPAA compliance fast and easy for dentists.

Dr. Jeff Brown is obsessed with creating easy to use software to end the frustration of HIPAA compliance. Dr. Brown’s career spans private chiropractic practice, compliance consulting, and software product management for three healthcare technology companies. He is a co-founder of HIPAAmate, a compliance software designed and priced for small practices and is known as the expert in compliance requirements related to not just HIPAA, but medical necessity and the EHR Incentive Program.

On the podcast we discussed…

  • Brown’s journey from working at a dental practice to software product management and the steps he took to build HIPAAmate software
  • What HIPAA compliance means – the two “realms of HIPAA”
  • What it means to be HIPAA compliant in your dental office
  • Understanding that some things are required by HIPAA, and others are “addressable”
  • Importance of having the right documentation to prove you are HIPAA compliant
  • Why you should look at your practice from different angles and make sure that you are safeguarding patient’s information
  • How to apply HIPAA compliance to the real world of operating a business
  • How you can market to your patient base whilst remaining HIPAA compliant
  • Making sure your staff don’t discuss patients outside of the practice or in front of other patients
  • Avoiding situations that could potentially compromise patient’s privacy
  • Potential issues of sending appointment reminders to patients and how to do it in a way that’s HIPAA compliant
  • How to make sure you and your dental practice is compliant using HIPAAmate software
  • Importance of reviewing your policy and procedures manual annually to remain compliant
  • The power of data-driven software and how it can speed up mundane tasks
  • How HIPAAmate can take the stress out of HIPAA risk analysis and risk assessment and take the “guesswork out of HIPAA compliance

You can find out more about Dr. Jeff Brown and his team over on HIPAAmate, where you can view live demos of the HIPAAmate software or get in touch with any questions you have by calling Dr. Jeff Brown on (614) 706-2066

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