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In this week’s podcast episode I talk to my great friend Elijah Desmond about an amazing strategy to grow your practice and treat a lot of people.

Elijah Desmond, RDH, is a dental guygienist whom graduated from The Ohio State University. He is a motivational speaker and has a passion for changing lives of kids and dental professionals. Elijah is the founder of Smiles at Sea in which he puts on dental conventions on a cruise ship surrounded around having fun! He is also a partner in Driven Dental Implant Marketing. 

On the podcast we discussed:

  • How to make your family a priority while still making a huge impact in your business
  • The impact on people’s life that dental implants can make
  • Why it is important to remember we are treating people as well as the teeth to ensure you close more sales from your high value leads and marketing campaigns
  • Why your customer service needs to be bullet proof from start to finish in your practice
  • How he has the ability to attract the high value cases by using search engine advertising and a landing page to convert and track each lead
  • Satisfied customers become a walking billboard for the dentist as soon as they walk out the door
  • How in business everything is about Return on Investment (ROI) and you have to save enough money to enable you to let the world know what you can do
  • The difference between Volume, Same-Day and Value practices
  • Listening to patients and giving them options and not pressurizing them is almost like reverse psychology and is the most successful method

We let the cat out of the bag on the podcast by announcing the new 4-night cruise workshop that Elijah and his team have planned. It has not launched yet but will be available soon for you to get onboard and learn all about how to place dental implants and how to grow your business and impact people’s lives through this highly profitable line of dentistry.

If you want to find out more about Elijah Desmond or would like to see if Driven Dental Implant Marketing is right for your business go to and sign up for a free strategy session.

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