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Do you have some negative online reviews floating out on the interwebs? Today I discuss how we went to work on removing a negative Yelp and Yellow Page review…successfully! See what we learned.

We also cover an update on the merger of duplicate Google + pages. Yes, there are actual humans working at Google – I talked to one. All that with a couple of ideas from our listeners Kevin, Paul and Nick. Thanks for tuning in to episode 32 of Business of Dentistry!

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Do you have negative Yelp reviews that you’d like to dispute? Today I’ll talk about how to approach negative reviews on Yelp and other social media outlets. This topic was raised when a listener, Paul, wrote in with some suggestions for removing negative reviews online.

Now my suggestions won’t be about how to approach all negative reviews, I’m focused on what to do about negative reviews that were written by someone who was not in direct receipt of services rendered. Reviews that state the poster’s friend visited your practice and they give you 1 star or 2 stars as a result.

Paul wrote in to let me know that one of the clear-cut reasons Yelp, and other online review sites will remove a review is if it wasn’t written by someone who actually used or received your services.

Here’s an example from my own practice: we had a 1 star review on yelp. We couldn’t find this patient in our database, but the reviewer said I had refused to help her paralyzed son. I asked around in my office and none of us could remember a patient like that.

The person leaving the review didn’t give their name so we couldn’t track them down. I wasn’t sure how to respond to that review until after reading P aul’s comments, we went to task on this. We looked into how to report this review to yelp and we found when you log in Yelp gives you an opportunity to report the review and state your case.

I opted to report this review because it was not the customer who left the review, and that goes against Yelp policies.

We sent in our request to remove the review the day before I recorded this show, and I got an automated message back in response. It thanked us for reporting the review and said they’d look into it and get back to us in the next few business days; it also gave us a case number for future reference.

Later in the day I got another message from them and said they had had reviewed our case. They agreed that this review should be removed and they took it down. I checked and it is gone! It’s that easy when it meets their guidelines.

We repeated the same procedure with online Yellow Pages, and had the same experience. We reported a 1 star review that was left by a non-customer. Yellow Pages reviewed it and removed it at our request. So in 2 days we had two 1 star reviews removed from online review sites.

Also on today’s show I share how I fixed our Google+ presence, and actually spoke to a live human being in the process! To hear about all of that and more, listen to episode 32 of Business of Dentistry.
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