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This is day three of the Seattle Study Club Symposium Legacy Tour. This is the place where dentists get to learn, grow, and network with some of the best clinicians in the world. Today, I am speaking with Dr. Jeff Rouse a prosthodontist in San Antonio and Dr. Greggory Kinzer who is a prosthodontist in Seattle. 

We talk about some of the great things about the Seattle Study Club Symposium experience. For instance, being a dentist can be a lonely solo experience. Even though, you are surrounded by staff and patients having another clinician to weigh in on your cases and bounce ideas off of is really useful. The Seattle Study Club Symposium is the perfect place to get new ideas and fresh perspectives from peers and colleagues. 


You can find Jeff and Gregg here: 

Jeffrey S. Rouse, DDS 

Greggory kinzer, DDS, MSD 

Spear Aesthetics 


Show Notes 


[01:29] Jeff Rouse is here today he’s a prosthodontist in San Antonio. 

[01:36] Greggory Kinzer is also here today and he is a prosthodontist in Seattle, Washington. 

[01:58] Today, we are going to talk about key moments in Jeff and Gregg’s can careers when they were the most productive. 

[03:37] How having another person or a forum to bounce ideas off of really makes the job of being a dentist easier. 

[04:36] Using a study Club format enables you to get different viewpoints and ideas. 

[05:20] You have to find mentors. You have to get into a club and an environment where you can find people to mentor you. 

[06:13] Everybody has a voice with the true Study Club format. 

[06:23] When you’re setting up a new study Club you have to go into it with the right idea. They shouldn’t be set up by an authoritarian or person looking to gain a personal benefit from it. 

[07:09] The importance of engaging with your teachers. 

[08:00] Life is about experiences and you need to be in the moment and get as much out of the moment as you can. Especially, as a dentist. 

[09:31] Jeff shares how he has become a better dentist by observing Gregg work on his patients. 

[10:05] You don’t have to be in a partnership just find opportunities to pick up pointers by osmosis. 

[10:55] Gregg points out how Jeff is actually changing dentistry with his new work with oxygen and airways. 

[11:22] The four pillars of diagnosis are different now. 

[13:42] How the airway peace actually needs to come before the generalized treatment plan. 

[14:36] You need to understand how the airway piece will impact your treatment plan and how you converse with your patients. 

[15:54] There has never been a more exciting time than now to be a dentist. 

[16:27] How they have an airway mockup to show patients how they will feel after their treatment. 

[17:08] Treating towards airway and the importance of evaluation. 

[18:08] Airway is the piece that brings the dental field and the medical field together. 

[18:58] Make yourself better than you were yesterday. Push yourself and find the information. 

[19:23] Find a cohesive facility that will help grow you by putting all of the pieces together. 

[19:46] Restorative dentists have to have a foundation. 


Links and Resources: 

Seattle Study Club Symposium 

John Kois 

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