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Dr. Jeff Rouse is one of the best speakers on the planet when it comes to great restorative and interdisciplinary care. Dr. Jeff Rouse is a prosthodontist who maintains two private practices which include Rouse Signature Dentistry in San Antonio, TX and  Spears Aesthetics in Seattle, WA. He is also a faculty member at Spear Education where he is a prosthodontist and expert at interdisciplinary treatment and airway management.

We talk about how to have an internal and external team when creating an interdisciplinary practice. We talk about how much responsibility to give team members and how to find and hire the best. It takes time to build a great team, and getting a way to communicate across disciplines can always be a challenge. The future of dentistry is about great health for patients and great education opportunities for practitioners and patients.


You can find Jeff here:

Spears Aesthetics

Spear Education

Rouse Signature Dentistry


Show Notes

[02:20] Jeff is a prosthodontist with two practices.

[02:32] The uniqueness of his practice is that he started looking into what was causing issues that he was seeing at the office. He started looking into airways and taking it beyond sleep apnea.

[03:09] I have formed two different interdisciplinary teams to continue to build upon what I have done. Now that team has to grow in order to satisfy the requirements of doing quality restorative care.

[04:11] How important is it to have a great time.

[04:30] Adding airway to traditional restorative dentistry can’t be done without a team.

[06:03] Since 1990, he has had in practice in San Antonio, TX. In 2008, he formed his team to deal with airway in restorative patients. His Seattle team formed quickly.

[06:57] Each community is going to have strengths and weaknesses.

[07:38] He has great medical facilities and teaching facilities with incredible support from the communities in both areas.

[08:18] Outside office support. Orthodontic support for all ages and surgical cases.

[10:26] He works with multiple orthodontist in San Antonio.

[10:46] A sleep physician for adults and one for kids. You also need different labs for kids and adults.

[12:14] How sleep labs aren’t a regular nights sleep, plus the studies are biased to make patients look normal.

[12:48] ENT are important, but you have to find the right one or multiple ENTs who will do what you need.

[14:41] Myofunctional therapist who works on tongue poster etc.  

[16:15] Practicing dentistry at a high level, and you have to have an interdisciplinary team.

[17:13] Finding people to find things you don’t want to do. The new interdisciplinary team will soon be the norm. This is the future and it needs to be accepted. Ask around to find people you my trust and go meet them.

[18:46] It’s very rare that physicians aren’t interested in participating.

[19:31] Your hygienists can also be your myofunctional therapist.

[20:21] Using social media to use this as a marketing practice. Promoting a practice as a health based practice.

[21:49] Internal team. There is a price to be paid when learning anything new. Train a staff member to do this. Dental assistants are a great option to work through the protocols for data gathering.

[24:24] Find the right person and hand it off.

[24:42] Recording your training on online videos to knock out the new training.

[25:21] Communication issues. Letters and emails are kind of old school, but they work for Jeff. ENTs communicate through treatment plan notes or a protocol that they are comfortable with.

[27:12] The Mayo Clinic is interdisciplinary where all of the pieces need to connect.

[30:12] Going into the world of medicine to get a sleep appliance. Try to stay out of medicine when you can, but you will need to go there and bill through medicine from time to time. Hire a billing service.

[31:45] His front desk has an interdisciplinary system of monitoring the patient to see where they are in the process. They also review each case for a half hour each week.

[32:39] Have really smart front desk people who are also good with people.

[34:25] Having an internal people person with warm and fuzzy, but who are still competent and analytical. The best people have stories.

[36:37] Asking people their stories when interviewing.

[37:01] How much do you let your assistants do.

[37:24] Jeff does things he does with his hands. He is the only one who does it. He only does the airway interview and exam.

[43:33] Having monitors and apps to monitor sleep.

[45:46] Having an internal or external lab tech. The price of the appliance depends on the purpose of the appliance.

[47:56] Craziest team member. Actually, Jeff has the craziest patients because he doesn’t fire them. Jeff has had bad staff members, but was never afraid to part ways.

[54:13] Joined and joint health is getting more combined. Disc location affects airways and oral surgeons will be having larger roles. Send people to the right person or oral surgeon.

[57:21] How this is an exciting time in dentistry. Now it is time to make people healthy. Dentistry is the number one profession in the United States.


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