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One of the hottest books in all of dentistry is Beat the Heart Attack Gene. If you haven’t read it, you should pick it up. I have one of the authors Dr. Amy Doneen on the show today. I had the other author Dr. Bradley Bale on a previous episode. Dr. Amy Doneen co-founded the Bale Doneen Method and is the owner and medical director of The Heart Attack & Stroke Prevention Center.

We talk about the connection between dental and periodontal health and heart attack and stroke. Dr. Doneen and Dr. Bale are trying to get the word out about this important connection and create awareness for all medical professionals. The root cause of vascular inflammation needs to be addressed when treating cardiovascular health, and silent periodontal pathogens could be driving this inflammation.


You can find Amy here:

The Heart Attack & Stroke Prevention Center

Beat the Heart Attack Gene

Bale Doneen Method

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