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Xaña Winans is a dental marketing strategist, international speaker, and author. She founded Golden Proportions Marketing in 2001 after the marketing she did for her husband’s general and cosmetic dental practice was published in a book about successful cosmetic dentists, interrupting family dinner one night with numerous calls from dentists around the US who wanted to experience similar success.


At GPM, Xaña leads a team of 20 dental marketing professionals who have grown over 1400 private, group and multi-location practices. Driven by a love of strategy, she provides data driven dental marketing solutions that address every stage of the marketing process, from branding, to lead generation, to tracking and ROI.


Xaña is an invited lecturer on dental marketing, speaking to national audiences at the Greater New York Dental Meeting, Yankee Dental Congress, the AACD, the BACD, and numerous state dental meetings and study clubs. She has been guest faculty for Six Month Smiles, The Pankey Institute, LVI, and was an invited author on internet marketing for the American Dental Association.